Thursday, September 16, 2010


Hello All,
Why are some women choosing to use Facebook, Twitter, and the played out Myspace to show their half-naked, and sometimes naked selves to the world. The crack of your behind, really? Boobs about to explode in your hands, really? Your goodies for everyone to see - it just pains me as a woman to see another woman using her body to add friends on Facebook!! Saying that are a "model" just makes it worse. Attention you will get, but respect you will never find.

Realize that you are better! You can be sexy without showing the crack of your behind and spreading your legs on top of a table. You are God's precious gift and His plans are more for you than grinding on a guitar between your legs. No harm, just a seed to plant. I mean harm.

Be Blessed,

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Receive Exactly What You Ask For

Randolph Wilkerson said, "If you go to God with a thimble, you can only bring back a thimbleful."

My Nana use to sew and had numerous thimbles. Some were plastic and very light-weight, while others were metal and quite heavy. Then, they were different sizes depending on the project that she was working on.
Imagine if you spent six months living in a basement with rats. Everyday you pray for a safe place to sleep. Your prayers are finally answered. A friend offers you their living room sofa. After two weeks of living out of wal-mart bags, you start praying again. "Please, all I want is a room with a bed!" Three months later your daily prayer was heard. You find a six-by-nine foot room with enough space for your body, a bed, and four milk carts to hold your clothes. Why didn't you just ask for a three bedroom house with a basement, backyard and garage?
Because like most of us, the tendency is to limit God. For some reason, we get stuck in our immediate need and we think God is stuck there too. We believe that the one who created the earth, sun, stars, mountains, rivers, oceans and trees has nothing left to give. How long will it take us to realize we have an unlimited account with the universal bank? Our prayers make the withdrawals. Our faith is the deposit. Ask for what you want today!

Be Blesed,