Saturday, July 14, 2012


What causes us to give another human being an ultimatum?  The inner time frame that we have established into the fibers of our being.  Once that time has elapsed, frustration kicks in and we become restless; angry even.  Oftentimes, the other person knows nothing of our time frame and frustration, and the ultimatum is a shocker.  Where is this coming from?  Human nature is an unyielding truth.  We can't help how we feel but we forget to share those feelings with the person that will be affected by it.  We always hope for the best and we think time is our friend.  Time is not our friend.  We let time take over and have control.  That is not time's job and it hates being put in these situations.  One of the main reasons is communication.  We really suck at it.  This menacing, almost torturing deliberation, is our friend.  It is always there, however, we take it for granted.  We rarely recognize its importance until its too late.