Thursday, February 11, 2010

Change is good....even if it hurts

Hello All,
My Grandpa did not like change! He never wavered from his normal routine...never! In his mind, things need to remain the same so that everyone knows what to expect and have something to count on. No surprises. If it's not broke, why fix it!
Grandpa had a point, but at the same time change is about growth. The more we accept change, we are stepping out on faith and allowing ourselves to elevate to the next level.

Lately, it seems that my whole life is one big change! Every aspect of my life is calling for change, and the ball is in my court whether or not I go for it. God has been focusing on my weaknesses, and those things that I am dragging my feet on. He is trying to take me higher, but I have to be willing. Thank you Lord because I am ready, willing, and able!

Change is good, but sometimes that requires us to make tough choices. Tough...because it's what we want to do, but it's not necessarily what God wants us to do. Certain people have to be let go from your life, and certain things have to cease. Forgiveness has to take place, and obedience has to come forth.

Embrace change and make it work for you. Create an atmosphere of Hope and Faith so that God can come into your heart and lead you into the purpose you were meant for.

Be Blessed,

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