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As women, we know that the body image issue is a huge deal, and is often talked about no matter where we go. Regardless of the product being sold, the models used are all tall, and gorgeous. However, more recently, many have been advocating for models that “look more like the average user of the product being marketed,” or, at least, be a little larger than the current 6-foot-less-than-100 pound-15 year old look. I recently found a post over at another blog, where Vitra, who runs an online lingerie shop for smaller women, was asking whether she should use “standard” models (who probably wear a C cup bra) or her own A cup models.

Vitra, who runs the Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar, sells smaller sized lingerie targeting women with small frames. However, many of the images she uses are general pictures used by other companies. As a matter of fact, all of the models are on the larger side compared to her customers. She has now decided to test out smaller models by using her 5’0″ 90-something lb, A-cup friend. After all, companies which sell bras to larger-sized women generally use models who are bigger.

Itsy Bitsy Bra Bar’s decision to try out models who are closer to the customer’s size is a good thing – it’s a welcome change to see someone who isn’t buxom and busty as a spokesmodel for lingerie. But will the public agree with that? So far, most people who’ve replied to her post have been positive (though some have suggested that she use a professional photographer). However, that’s only people who frequent a very niche blog. The general public may not think so. Many people feel that we have been trained to see certain looks as being “attractive,” and a very petite model with A-cup breasts just doesn’t fit the description. These naysayers feel that people won’t buy products which use models that don’t fit the “ideal.” Even “plus sized” models are generally tall, proportionate women who just happen to be around size 12. In fact, they proportionately resemble a 5’4″ or 5’5″ woman who is about a size 6 or 8. Petite models only exist in the very few petite-only lines.

What do you think? Would you purchase clothing if the model didn’t “look” like a model? Is it a turn-off if the model looks more like the customer?

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