Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Hello All,
What are you wearing today? To protect our minds, we are to put on the “helmet of salvation.” Are your thoughts protected? The Fire Bible: Global Study Edition note for verse 13 says, “Being renewed in our minds (Rom. 12:2) and confident in our relationship with God will protect us in battle.” You can do this by focusing on God’s good things (see Phil. 4:8) and not on the corrupting influences of the world around you.

The next piece of God’s armor is the “sword of the Spirit,” or God’s Word. It’s imperative that we hide God’s Word in our hearts (see Ps. 119:11), for it’s not only a shield of faith but also a weapon for thwarting the enemy when he comes to put doubts in our hearts.

Finally, Paul tells us to “pray in the Spirit” on all occasions. Turning again to the Fire Bible: Global Study Edition, we read, “Prayer is not to be viewed as just another spiritual weapon but as part of the actual conflict itself,” and “Failure to pray diligently with all kinds of prayer in all situations is to surrender to the enemy.”

We must be like warriors who prepare and train for the battle they know they will face. This month, make your battle plan, ready your armor and draw close to God. In Him we are strong.

Be Blessed,

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