Tuesday, October 12, 2010

You Gotta Have Your Own Thing

Improvement requires change. So, it's not enough to say you are going to do something. What matters is that you follow that up with action. Stop worrying about what other people have, or how they look, or what they are able to accomplish. Just DO YOU and God will bless you. God wants YOU to love yourself enough to want to be the best YOU possible. He wants you to seek Him to find out what your gifts are and use them to the fullest of your capability. Love the person you see in the mirror and be joyous that you don't look like anybody else! You have your own uniqueness that makes you special.

God is so proud of you, because He created you! He knows that you are predestined for greatness, and that it is all inside you ready to come out.
Are you willing to do your own thing? Can you love yourself enough? Of course you can!

Be Blessed,

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