Tuesday, March 1, 2011

There is Purpose

Hello All,
People email me all the time and ask, "How do I know what my purpose is?" I always respond, "Seek the Lord, because He is the only one that will be able to tell you that." The very thing that I thought was just a hobby, happened to be my God-given purpose. God revealed it to me, and laid out all the instructions. It was so crystal clear that I had absolutely no doubt or reservation. Sometimes, it is not easy! However, God always places the right circumstances and people in my path that will allow me to carry out my mission. God will not reveal something to you without giving you the proper guidance. He is a God of order, and knows what is best for us according to His plan.

Our problem is that we are usually not on the same page with God. We want things to happen in our time, and when we think it is best. We grow impatient in our waiting, and decide we will take matters into our own hands. Once that happens, all hell breaks loose and we realize that we should have just remained still.

Let me encourage you today to seek God's presence and voice. If you don't know what your purpose is, ask Him. Be open, available, and ready. When He reveals it to you, be encouraged that He will give you everything you need to do what He is asking of you.

Be Blessed,

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