Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dear God

Dear God,
Please remind me that my days are numbered, and life is too precious to watch it go by. Thank you for blessing me despite my disobedience. Thank you for giving me shelter, food, clothing, and employment to be able to support those things. Although I complain, you still sustain me and allow me to do things I want to do. I appreciate the opportunity to share my gifts and talents with others, and the seeds that you have placed within my spirit to flourish and give you glory. Thank you for another day to get things right, and make a difference in the world. Lord, please forgive me for all my discretions and place joy in my heart. Help me to forgive others and love others. Remove bitterness and doubt, and replace it with love and confidence.

I strive to have a close relationship with you Lord, and I know that I can do nothing without you. My life is present because of your grace and mercy. Your lovingkindness is more than I deserve. I give you all the praise.

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  1. In Jesus' Name. Amen!
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    Peace and Blessings!