Friday, May 13, 2011

Comfort and Joy

Hello All,
The other day, I was looking through old albums trying to find pictures of my Mom and I. Mother's Day was difficult to get through, so I was seeking comfort. I was determined to find these pictures so that I could bring good memories to the surface of my mind. One picture in particular was of my mother and I coloring Easter eggs. I was about three years old, and she had a fiery red afro! So beautiful she was! Her glowy skin and thick eyebrows, and I was content as she held me in her arms. It is apparent from my smile in the picture, that there was no place I would rather be then by my mother's side. Just her presence made the sun shine brighter, and my life so much better.

That is how God is with us. Just to be in His presence brings us unimaginable comfort and joy. His love surpasses anything we could ask or think. We all have those days or periods in our lives that are difficult to get through, but we can meditate on where God has brought us from. His desire is to make our lives easy.

Rest in God's love!

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  1. This is a beautiful post. I'm sure your mother was lucky to have a daughter that loved her as much as you :).