Saturday, June 25, 2011

What are you really saying to me?

Hello All,
I admit, when someone starts asking me a lot of questions, it gets on my nerves. As a matter of fact, my last good nerves. Especially, if these are questions that I have already answered. I begin to feel as if I am on the witness stand required to give a detailed account of my actions. "What is the big deal?", I say. "What is YOUR problem?" I say. As I started to ponder on this, I realized something. There just might be a problem, and the ball could be in my court to help resolve it.

Sometimes, particularly in relationships, people can get insecure or concerned about a host of things. Instead of just saying what has them feeling this way, they make a big deal out of something else! Dancing around the issue, and just creating more strife. It may take a lifetime to get to the root of the problem. I realized that the questions about one thing, may be a cover-up for something else. I will ask some questions to try and drill down to what is really being asked to me. Hopefully, by taking time out to calm down and show consideration for the other person's feelings, a resolution can emerge. That's what real life is all about.

Be Blessed,

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