Saturday, August 6, 2011

Even If He Doesn't Do It, You Know that He Can

Hello All,
God is not obligated to do anything for us. Even though we may pray and read the bible, go to church on Sunday and Bible study on Wednesday. We do those things in order to strengthen our personal relationship with Him. We should have no ulterior motive in our praying and seeking His face. We know that He is able to anything that we ask or think. But that doesn't mean that He will.

God wants our first and our best. He is interested in our obedience and faithfulness. He wants us to trust Him and answer when He calls.

God is God all by himself. He doesn't need our help in figuring anything out and making anything happen. We read our bible and pray in order get closer to His purpose for our lives and to help us in our walk.

Be Blessed,

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