Friday, November 6, 2009

Overcome Procrastination

Hello All,
I had an epiphany this morning - Don't spend major time with minor people or minor things. Some people provide very negative forces in our lives. When we waste our time being involved in their self-destructive behavior, it will have a negative influence on us. People that are on-the-grow, active, productive, open to change, spiritual, caring and optimistic are contagious. Their attitudes and habits can influence is in positive way. In addition, don't confuse activity with accomplishment. If I sit on the couch with my laptop and say, "I'm getting some writing done", but my page is blank...I am not accomplishing anything!! The sheer act of sitting down in front of the computer has to be backed up with putting something on the screen that will lead to a finished product. Sometimes we engage in distracting and insignificant activities to avoid action on what is really important.

As we go into 2010....desire to win!! Win the battle against procrastination and open yourself up to endless possibilities!!

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