Thursday, March 14, 2013

Lord, I want it all!

Hello All,
Convenience - that's what I like. More importantly, my personality appreciates it! I visited Walmart today and I realized, once again, the obvious. Where else on earth can you refill a prescription, get an oil change, grocery shop, redecorate every room in your house, buy a new tv, get a mani and pedi, get fitted for a hearing aid, get your hair done, get your taxes done and grab a Subway sandwich on the way out! One stop shopping at its best!

Walmart spoils us and gives us the assurance that we can take care of everything; we don't have to go anywhere else. This is what the Lord provides to us; a one stop shop for everything we need.

God is the source of our strength and has everything we need. He provides a "one stop" for it all! We don't have togo anywhere else.

Where else on earth can you be forgiven, get saved, be enlightened and encouraged, do all things, have your mind renewed, healed, sanctified and filled with the holy ghost, be delivered and set free!


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